Optimize Every Link in Your Supply Chain

Value-Added Services

Elevate your warehouse operations with a comprehensive suite of Value-Added Services from Capstone.

Capstone's array of value-added services, including yard management, reverse logistics, and advanced security solutions, are designed to fortify your business against any logistical hurdle.

Capstone solutions include an array of value-added services to meet all of your warehousing needs:

Our Services:
  • Returns-Processing
  • Display-Building
  • Labeling
  • Driver Support
  • Sanitation and Auxiliary Services
  • Security and Yard Management
  • Freight Handling
  • Quality Inspection and Rework
Our Approach:
  • Detailed Operational Assessment
  • Mutually Agreed-Upon KPIs/Budgets
  • Strong Onsite Management
  • Qualified, Skilled, Motivated Labor Pool
  • Pay-for-Performance Incentive Model
  • Integration with Your Corporate Culture
  • Data-Driven Insight for Continuous Improvement
  • Safety-First Mentality

A Partner You Can Depend On

Capstone has decades of success in supplying streamlined end-to-end logistics services for our partners nationwide.

We have a presence in over 600 warehouses for a reason, and we want to bring our expertise to your facility. As a “guest in your house,” our Value Added Service teams work under your KPIs and budget needs while providing:

Results We Deliver:

  • An optimized, well-functioning process
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Data-driven performance visibility
  • Risk mitigation through hands-on management, timely decision-making and issues resolution
  • Peace of mind to focus on the bigger brand picture
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Attention to Detail, Maximum Benefits

In the realm of short-run, high-touch processes, the strain on your team and resources can disrupt operations and hinder efficiency. While a warehouse’s core function revolves around timely receiving and shipping, the seamless execution of intermediary processes is what often defines operational success. These supporting tasks often serve as the linchpin between success and setback. Capstone steps in to bridge this gap.

Rest assured that your entire operation will run seamlessly with Capstone’s support.

The partnership continues to be excellent. The current Capstone team are all high performers.”

A Leading U.S. Office Supply Retail Company
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Ready To Take Your Operations To The Next Level?


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