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E-Commerce / Parcel Delivery

For the consumer, secure and reliable parcel delivery is almost as important as the product they receive. Success in the last mile is critical. That is why it is imperative for businesses to employ a consistent yet cost-effective delivery method.

Capstone’s E-commerce last mile delivery offers the perfect balance.

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Our safety-focused professional drivers ensure that every E-Commerce delivery reaches your customers’ doorsteps – and in a manner that enhances your brand. It is a balance of speed, precision, and service. 


Brand Protection, Trustworthy Distribution

Capstone’s experience and flexibility as an end-to-end logistics provider makes us an invaluable partner for any delivery situation you face. Moreover, utilizing our vast experience and firmly established partnerships can result in substantial cost-saving advantages.

  • Receiving
  • Sorting
  • Comingling
  • Loading
  • Scanning
  • Distribution

Experience the Capstone Advantage:

Capstone understands what it takes to succeed in the challenging world of E-commerce – where customer experience is everything.

We can help you shine despite challenging delivery requirements like:

  • Difficult or multiple routes
  • Unique destinations
  • Awkward package

Online sales can swell in an instant, drowning those businesses not prepared for the surge. We have the capability to help you increase your shipping volume without delay.

Capstone’s experience and flexibility as an end-to-end logistics provider makes us an invaluable partner for any delivery situation you face.

It feels like we’re the only client. We have a true partnership with Capstone.”

A Leading E-Commerce Logistics & Fulfillment Company
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The Capstone Difference

Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly pickup and delivery services, we can customize the solution that will answer your distribution challenge.

  • Solutions tailored to you

Capstone gets to know your needs so that we can streamline the entire process and ensure ultimate success.

  • Only the best

We combine highly vetted and trained couriers with expert coordinators to perfect the delivery of thousands of scheduled and on-demand shipping solutions.

  • Brand protection

You may be using our services, but this is still your business. Our drivers show up in co-branded gear and act as an extension of your team.

  • Maximized productivity

Our motivated couriers value productivity, not time spent end route, therefore they maximize efficiency with customized delivery routes.

  • Real-time geo-tracking

We use GPS to avoid delays, determine realistic ETAs, and know where parcels are at all time. We also verify all deliveries.

  • Customer satisfaction

Our friendly, efficient and effective drivers reinforce customer confidence in your ability to deliver dependably.

Ready To Optimize Your Last Mile?


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