Service & Value Through Innovation

About Capstone Logistics

In the beginning, we were unloaders. Not an easy business in which to stand out or get noticed. That is, until we figured out a better, more efficient way to do it.

Then, everyone noticed. Before long, customers were asking us if we could apply the same philosophy to warehouse management, freight management, even last-mile deliveries.

So, we figured out better ways to do those, too.

Capstone Warehouse Worker

We specialize in helping businesses like yours run smoother, more efficiently, more effectively. All without reinventing the way you do business, but simply by blending our best ideas and practices into your existing processes.

Big Company Value

  • Operational scale
  • Significant investments in technology and analytics
  • Financial stability, consistent growth, and ongoing capability expansions
  • Business intelligence and industry benchmarking
  • Integrated solution
Small Company Service & Feel

happy 3PL third party logistics employees celebrating together in warehouse

  • Long-term relationships
  • Investment in dedicated partner groups
  • Strategically aligned with partner goals and objectives
  • Direct access to leadership and proven organizational agility
  • Continuous evaluation and adaptation for mutual growth

Our team fully embraces a high-performance culture, and the Capstone SCRIPT guides us through every decision we make. It inspires us to build strong relationships, challenge the status quo, work hard to deliver results, and pay it forward in our communities. Through transparency and open lines of communication, we do the right thing and deliver on our promises.

S Sense of Ownership

We live up to commitments, take responsibility for our actions, and show pride in everything we do.

C Caring

We display kindness, loyalty, and concern in everything we do.

R Results Oriented

We determine success through outcomes.

I Integrity

We are truthful, we do the right things, and we build trust.

P Put Others First

We always put partners, teammates, and stakeholders before ourselves.

T Transparency

We share clear and accurate information in a timely manner.

Your Strategic Supply Chain Partner

We’re not your traditional 3PL. They can be inflexible and impersonal. We aren’t. Instead, we work with you to provide a customized, scalable solution that lets you decide how much—or how little—control you want to keep yourself and how much you want to share with us. When you work with us – you are the partner, not just a customer.

Our enduring partnerships, averaging 19 years in duration, speaks volumes about the satisfaction our clients derive from working with Capstone and our philosophy centered on teamwork, safety, and tangible results that you can rely on.

Your way, combined with our way, makes for a better way.

These are the kinds of relationships our transportation group wants to invest in for the long haul.”

Leading Global CPG Manufacturer

We have a true partnership with Capstone in all areas they support. They are quick to respond, adjust, and adapt, and they care about the work they are doing.”

One of the World’s Largest Food Distributors

I am very pleased with the overall performance and recommend Capstone to any organization.”

A Leading, Multinational Automotive Manufacturer
two people shaking hands
Our Most Recent Accolades

Capstone Logistics is recognized by some of the best in the business.

Our History

Since our founding in 1986, we have continuously grown and expanded our expertise and scope. So, while we may be known for our warehouse services, we are also leaders in freight management and last-mile delivery.

Capstone’s predecessor company is founded in Atlanta, GA.
The company executes a buyout with MCG Capital and migrates to institutional investment.
H.I.G Capital and MSouth Capital acquire Capstone.
The Jordan Company purchases a majority share of Capstone.
Capstone Logistics acquires Pinnacle Workforce Logistics.
Capstone Logistics acquires LoadDelivered to enter the freight management business; the company establishes a Last Mile division.
Capstone Logistics acquires Priority Express to enhance Last Mile capabilities.
H.I.G. Capital purchases a majority stake in Capstone Logistics.
Capstone Logistics acquires Insource Performance Solutions.
Capstone Logistics acquires Rapid Response Delivery.