Precision service for sensitive deliveries

Healthcare Logistics

Any medical supply or pharmaceutical shipment could make a significant difference in someone’s life.

At Capstone, we make sure that our team members know this. That’s why our partners depend on us for professional, careful, and committed service for their medical and pharmaceutical logistics.

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Capstone Healthcare Delivers

We provide Warehousing, Freight Transportation and Last Mile Delivery Solutions for the healthcare industry.

We understand the unique requirements and nuances of medical and pharmaceutical logistics – and have decades of experience handling swift and secure transport of these critical deliveries.

We care deeply about patients’ wellbeing and are proud to make a meaningful impact – by keeping medical and pharmaceutical supplies moving and available. And we are excited to offer these high-touch services to a wide range of healthcare providers and potential partners.

Our Top Priority Is the Patient

Whether you provide products to pharmacies, care facilities, hospitals, or direct-to-consumer, Capstone understands your unique supply chain challenges. We address these by leveraging best-in-class technology and robust performance data to continuously streamline processes and always ensure consistent, safe delivery.

Our warehouse, transportation, and delivery professionals understand how to handle:

  • High-risk, high-value products
  • Temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Life-saving pharmaceutical products

We do so efficiently and safely because of careful coordination and meticulous attention to detail. And Capstone offers complete transportation visibility and warehouse performance tracking for each step of the process.

Medical background
Attractive positive blond lab assistant carrying box with vaccines for Covid 19. Laboratory interior.

Ready To Handle Any Specimen

Each day, hospitals, dialysis centers, blood banks and labs trust Capstone for speedy and secure transport of time-critical healthcare supplies, specimens, blood, and medical records.

Compassionate and considerate, our professional drivers follow detailed guidelines with every delivery. We routinely scan specimens and handle lock boxes and lab location codes for date and time stamping. And we do so in a streamlined manner that suits your bottom line.

See why Capstone has built a reputation as a trusted medical and pharmaceutical courier – and is rapidly expanding its footprint every day.