Hassle-Free Fleet Management with Capstone

Fleet Replacement

Vehicle repairs, driver shortages, insurance claims, and fuel expenses can all add up to a headache when managing a delivery fleet. The good news? Capstone is here to alleviate the burden of fleet management for you.

Let us handle the complexities of running your entire fleet, freeing you to concentrate on other critical aspects of your business.

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With Capstone’s tailored fleet management services, you can expect a cost-effective and dependable final-mile delivery solution that not only satisfies your needs but also delights your customers.


Tired of spending countless hours dealing with fleet concerns?

Capstone’s tailored fleet replacement service streamlines your daily operations, allowing you to reclaim your most valuable asset – time.

Rest assured that Capstone’s solution brings confidence to your logistics operations. Our skilled coordinators carefully assign experienced and vetted drivers who operate dependable vehicles customized to match your specific delivery requirements.

Whether you’re handling a few stops or a thousand, regardless of the nature of your deliveries, Capstone is equipped to manage it all seamlessly. Trust us to handle your fleet needs efficiently and effectively so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

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Experience the Capstone Advantage:

Capstone custom fleet management helps you replace your fleet with new opportunities. And our promise to you includes:

  • Complete brand oversight from start to finish
  • Best-in-class tracking and workforce management
  • Compliance with your policies and procedures

The partnership continues to be excellent. The current Capstone team is all high performers.”

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The Capstone Difference

No matter what you deliver, our fleet replacement options will provide you with a solution that frees your organization from fleet investments while optimizing your distribution like never before.

  • Save Time

No more recruiting, screening, payroll, multiple payables, and vacation and holiday scheduling.

  • Save Money

Use capital previously tied up in buying/leasing vehicles and costly maintenance and repairs elsewhere.

  • Add Flexibility

Our scalable, just-in-time delivery model lets you adjust fleet sizes to match business fluctuations or seasonality.

  • More Accountability

Our state-of-the art scanning, routing, GPS technology and real-time tracking, helps you improve customer service, grow your business, and guarantee timely delivery.

Ready to Optimize Your Last Mile?


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