Take all guesswork out of ETAs

Capstone Last Mile Tracking Technology

Not all technology is the same, and not all delivery companies use it the same way. That’s why Capstone created its own last mile delivery technology – so that we can be sure to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive information on every delivery. Called MileZero, it allows you to hyper-accurately calculate ETAs, avoid delays, and keep customers notified – and satisfied.

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Technology to Match Your Ambition

Capstone’s stated goal is to provide the best-in-class in 3PL logistics – including last mile delivery. That’s why we invested in the creation of our own shipment tracking technology.

The result is MileZero.

This proprietary software/app – which works seamlessly with iOS, Android, and desktops – offers enhanced GPS tracking features, which let you track and and trace the exact location and ETA of each shipment through live, interactive maps.


Take Control With MileZero

What sets MileZero apart?

  • Aware

Enhanced geolocation features let you track and trace the exact location and ETA of shipments in real time.

  • Versatile

This app and software works equally well with iOS, Android, and desktops.

  • Tailored for You

An adjustable dashboard provides a comprehensive summary of shipment details, as well as current and future routes.

  • Communications

Push notifications help you stay on top of deliveries. Receive up-to-the-minute alerts, including adjusted ETAs if a driver is delayed due to traffic or previous end-point deliveries.

  • Satisfaction

Share your end delivery points with customers and provide notifications prior to a driver’s arrival.

The Capstone Difference

Designed by the same developers who worked with Amazon’s last mile platforms, MileZero also offers a comprehensive summary of all shipment details and total visibility of all shipping processes – data which leads to better control of your entire last mile delivery operation.

We are honored when you choose to work with us, and that’s why we continue to invest in industry-leading technology like geolocation tracking. Let us help you put MileZero to work for you and your customers.

Ready to Optimize Your Last Mile?


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