Efficiency and Speed To Meet Market Needs

Retail Logistics

This may be the most demanding era in retail history. Between the acceleration of technology and evolving customer expectations, you need to be ready for anything – and be able to deliver it quickly – or else you risk a tarnished reputation and lost business.

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Retail Supply Chain Management

Capstone understands these demands. As an established but ever-evolving 3PL, we’re in the trenches alongside a wide array of retail clients, working to create seamless omnichannel fulfillment that meets any challenge. And because we come to your facility – as a “guest in your house” – you can expect rapid and continuous gains in your visibility, flexibility, and speed.

Contact us today and learn how we drive performance and solve any challenges in every aspect of retail logistics problem – whether it’s warehouse services, transportation, last mile delivery, returns, or beyond.


Capstone Is a Partner of Choice for Some of the Largest US Retailers

Thanks to Capstone’s mixture of expertise, technology, and proven processes, we can help deliver all three facets. With a presence in over 600 facilities around the nation, we are the leader in warehouse management, and we offer:

  • A streamlined picking, packing, and shipping process for items sold across multiple stores, sales channels, and online marketplaces.
  • Instant and in-depth reporting to determine your most important channels and identify areas of improvement.

Contact us today and see why so many retailers from every size and vertical trust us to help them reduce costs and compete in a speed-driven marketplace.

Capstone Is a Retail Logistics Expert

What’s the goal of retail? Ultimately, it’s happier customers. But in the age of immediacy and convenience, happy customers are not always easy to create. Capstone can help you ensure outstanding customer experiences through:

  • High order efficiency/accuracy
  • Accurate reporting
  • Stronger brand image

Satisfying these goals is the key to achieving customer satisfaction. You will still achieve your goals, as customers know they will always be able to obtain your products, no matter when or where they are.

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