Safe and Rapid Transport for Most Critical Deliveries

Medical and Pharmacy Solutions

Every healthcare delivery is important. No matter what you’re sending, count on the speed, security, and know-how of Capstone.

That’s why hospitals and healthcare clinics have trusted Capstone for their most sensitive deliveries since 1994.

Our experienced, compassionate, and professional drivers efficiently deliver specimens, test results, records, and more, while every shipment is tracked in real-time.

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If there’s one industry where on-demand and on-time delivery is vital, it’s health care. From medical samples to vaccines, lab tests and critical supplies, Capstone Logistics has served the health care industry for more than 30 years. 


30 Years of Experience in Healthcare

Our drivers are trained and equipped to handle time-critical deliveries of:
  • Blood
  • Plasma
  • Tissue Samples
  • Specimens
  • Medication
  • Medical Records
  • X-Rays
We serve all types of healthcare facilities, including:
  • Labs and Hospitals
  • Medical and Healthcare Clinics
  • Radiology Facilities
  • Physician and Surgeon Offices
  • Blood Banks and Blood Donation Services
  • Dentist and Orthodontist Offices
  • Opticians’ Offices
  • Pharmacies

Without Capstone, we would be lost in our business needs. These guys work hard every day.”

A Leading Distributor of Pharmaceuticals & Medical Supplies
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The Capstone Difference

Our 30-year track record of delivering healthcare shipments with exceptional accuracy and timeliness showcases our expertise in the field.:

  • Dedicated

Capstone drivers know what’s in their hands; healthcare delivery means lives may be at stake. And our in-depth vetting process ensures the most competent couriers.

  • Experienced

Our drivers are comfortable scanning specimens, and handling lock boxes and lab location codes for date and time stamping.

  • Professional

Our drivers represent us and you, so they will always be dressed and behave professionally.

  • Temperature Controlled

We train and supply our drivers with devices (such as temperature-controlled containers) so that they can deliver any form of healthcare package.

  • Real-Time Tracking

All of our drivers are equipped with GPS, so that you know exactly when your critical delivery will arrive.

  • 24×7/365

Our dispatchers send drivers to accommodate any on-demand or STAT delivery – even during the holidays.

  • Data-Backed

We know that you must constantly evaluate processes. That’s why we collect event data from end-to-end of your deliveries. Everything we do is logged and analyzed to help us achieve maximum efficiency and savings we can then pass on to our partners.

  • Here to Help

We are problem solvers that care, and we will get the job done. An example of this is that our couriers once took over for a failed pneumatic system in a partner hospital by making their deliveries by hand.

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