Capstone Last Mile Delivery

Delivering A Better Way

Reliability, oversight, accountability, and communication are essential to successful last-mile delivery.

For Capstone, they are the cornerstones of our commitment to you. Let our experienced couriers and coordinators perfect the solutions for all your B2B or B2C needs.

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Last Mile Delivery

What Makes Capstone’s Last Mile Solutions Efficient, Accurate and Cost-Effective

When we started in the last-mile business nearly 30 years ago, we were moving blood, organs, biopsies and other critical medical shipments. The consequences of those deliveries were big and the margin for error was small. Today, we bring the same mentality to residential and commercial last-mile deliveries for numerous customer segments.

  • Trusted Couriers

Over 2,000 professional couriers handle 43,000+ deliveries, 200K+ packages, and 1,800+ routes daily, ensuring on-time customer orders.

  • Large Footprint

Capstone’s 25 cross-dock facilities enable efficient pick-up and delivery of consolidated, repackaged, and sorted shipments. Commingling shipments drives down your costs and transit times, allowing competitive pricing and faster delivery options.

  • Advanced Technology

Capstone’s mobile-first solution provides real-time visibility and control to all stakeholders, enabling better decision-making and improved efficiency for a better customer experience.

  • Operational Expertise

Robust technology and processes ensure order accuracy, full delivery detail, and dashboards for complete visibility and compliance with your policies.

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Deliver On Time, Every Time with Capstone Last Mile Delivery

With 30 years of experience in last-mile delivery, we understand you must deliver on time, every time, in a cost-effective manner.

  • Real Time Visibility

Label-scanning at each important milestone ensures order accuracy and full delivery detail. Daily, weekly, and monthly dashboards provide complete visibility.

  • Advanced Delivery Technology

Automate any part of your network with our technology, providing total visibility, control, and workforce management.

  • Dedicated Drivers

Our 2,000+ drivers are extensively vetted, classroom trained, and can be co-branded to enhance your brand-customer relationship.

  • On Demand or STAT Medical Delivery

We offer around-the-clock support for on-demand or STAT medical shipments, ensuring dependable delivery any day or time.

  • Decades of Expertise

With more than three decades of operations experience, our seamless partnerships and end-to-end expertise are supported by a dedicated, live, 24/7/365 dispatch and operations team.

  • Complete Control Over the Customer Experience

Although you’re using our services, this is still your business. Our co-branded drivers act as an extension of your team, ensuring your customers receive your best.

Industries We Serve

Last Mile Delivery Coverage

Capstone provides end-to-end logistics solutions to get you to the last mile.

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Cross Dock Facilities

Allow for consolidation, repackaging, and sorting for shipments, reducing costs and transit times through commingling.

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Mobile App

Mobile-first solution provides real-time visibility and control to customers, drivers, and warehouse operations.

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Trusted Carriers

2,000-plus professionally vetted drivers equipped to handle your most critical shipments

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Operations Management

Real-time management system for warehouse, routing, and delivery operations.