A Skilled and Motivated Workforce

Our innovative, incentive-driven approach means we get paid for results, not hours. This model provides significant value and an unrivaled culture of continuous improvement for you, our partners.

Male Forklift Smiling with the Capstone Pay for Performance Model

Because our employees are paid by results, not hours worked, Capstone provides an advantage over traditional warehouse workforce models. In fact, our performance-based pay model offers a 10-40% improvement in productivity and a reduction in per unit and overall costs, increased safety, and decreased equipment needs.


Capstone’s unique platform provides:

  • Specialized training, payroll, and other HR programs
  • Benchmark data and engineered standards
  • Custom technology to measure individual productivity and share real-time performance
  • Labor market expertise about rates and legal requirements
  • On-site management specially trained for Pay-for-Performance
Benefits of Pay-for-Performance Model
  • Guaranteed performance – Performance-based pay plans motivate workers and help reduce turnover.
  • Budget predictability – Temporary staffing charges an hourly markup, while Capstone aligns its pricing with the unit of output, providing accountability.
  • Quality outcomes and safety – Services are backed by our engineers, who document training procedures, design efficient workflows, and standardize safe and efficient processes that support a high-performing workforce.
  • HR administration without the overhead – Associates gain flexibility and the opportunity to earn more than similar hourly roles. This in turn improves associate retention and relieves you of the burden of training and managing staff.
  • Streamline expenses – Our Partners save 10-40% on labor costs, increase safety due to less congestion, and decrease equipment needs due to lower headcount

How Paying for Productivity Can Streamline Your Logistics Operations

When it comes to efficiently and successfully managing your warehouse, the secret is how well you can manage your people — that’s where we excel. You know how hard it is in today’s labor market to find good people, train good people, and retain good people. Recruiters say they’ll help, but when there’s a labor shortage, you’re likely not getting the cream of the crop; this usually results in inefficient workers, counter-productivity, and excessive turnover. But when you choose Capstone, you’re choosing operational excellence.

Our hiring process is rigorous, our training is the best in the business, and we pay our people based on actual performance, not by the hour.

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