APEX Technology Suite

Unlocking the Power of Data with APEX

In logistics, data is king, but the real magic happens when that data is transformed into actionable insights. This is where Capstone's APEX operations suite shines.


Harness the Power of Data

APEX is our cutting-edge proprietary technology designed to harness the power of data and seamlessly integrate with our state-of-the-art visibility and predictive analytics tools and apps.

By automating transactions, offering complete visibility, reducing supply chain inefficiencies, and enhancing warehouse processes, APEX can help transform your logistics operations for peak productivity.

Make Informed Decisions and Drive Operational Excellence

Everyone is looking for an edge, a way to improve and, ultimately, save money. APEX’s dynamic operating and reporting system with handheld technology helps you to do just that.

How? First, you adapt it to your requirements. Drawing from our extensive experience across 600+ warehouses nationwide, we’ve channeled our expertise into this dynamic platform. Then you benchmark specific trends against industry segments and comparable operations. APEX delivers unparalleled insights and streamlines end-to-end logistics, empowering you with the tools to make informed decisions and drive operational excellence.

  • Drill down to pinpoint specific opportunities and realize cost-effective decisions.
  • Analyze specific time periods – Day, week, month, quarter, or year.
  • Analyze any level of operational hierarchy – Site, region, or corporate.
  • Measure specific trends against industry segments and comparable operations.
  • The results also promote optimized load and pallet flow and enhanced truck driver experience.

How APEX Works

Apex collects and interprets billions of high-quality data points to show you a comprehensive story of your operational performance and how you can improve it. It does this by measuring:
External Data Sources

Capstone accesses data from hundreds of warehouses to provide productivity standards our partners can leverage in their own operations.

Internal Data Sources

Apex captures data on gate management and temp readings. It manages image upload and driver surveys and reports on a wide range of KPIs from load and unload times to price per pallet.

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How APEX Helps

  • Managed Receiving

Gain real-time visibility to receiving via Capstone’s proprietary inbound scheduling web portal.

  • Compliance Tracking

Monitor vendor and carrier scores to enforce on-time performance and quality standards.

  • Visibility Portal & Analytics

Use real-time visibility and data to help inform your decisions.

  • MyCapstone

Use a mobile app that tracks daily earnings, productivity targets, and more.

  • CapstonePay

Improve driver communication and enable touchless payments with Capstone’s remote payment system.

What APEX Delivers

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Cost Transparency

Know exactly what you’re paying for thanks to productivity reports alongside industry benchmarks.

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Capstone Live! Dashboard

Real-time visibility gives you load and dock status via tablets.

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Vendor & Carrier compliance

Our scoreboard helps you minimize violations and optimize on-time transportation performance.

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Proven ROI

Constant performance monitoring and instant analysis helps you achieve strategic operational improvements.

Tech That Covers Everything

Here’s just a sampling of data points that Capstone’s supply chain platform monitors:

  • Pallets Per Hour
  • Cases Per Hour
  • Roll-Off Percentage
  • OSHA Incident Rate
  • Staff Retention
  • Shift Productivity
  • Price Per Load
  • Price Per Pallet
  • Price Per Case
  • Receiving Violations
  • Cargo Loss Percentage
  • Worst Offender Vendor
  • On-Time Deliveries
  • Average Lead Time
  • Average Length of Haul
  • Average Transit Time
  • Average Miles Per Day
  • OS&D Percentage
  • Driver Gate In & Out Times
  • Load and Unload Times
  • Driver Experience Feedback
  • Detention Tracking
  • Temperature Recording
  • On-Time Pickups

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