Logistics That Runs Like A Well Oiled Machine

Industrial & Automotive

No matter what rolls off your assembly line – sports cars, farm equipment, machine parts or tires – your flow of parts and labor better be efficient and constant.

Capstone helps you ensure peak productivity by helping to optimize manufacturing logistics processes and flex to fluctuating needs seamlessly.

forklift moving tiers in auto warehouse
Male warehouse manager checking stock on a handheld device

The Perfect Balance

We ensure that supplies move efficiently throughout your warehouse and production facilities, so that they are always where you need them, when you need them.

Meanwhile, Capstone’s tactical response teams ensure that you’re never caught short of a quality workforce. Our experienced, highly skilled workers can be at your site in 72 hours.

Capstone’s proprietary Apex technology platform amplifies the power of our programs. Integrating warehousing, transportation and last mile logistics, the Apex platform delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility and unparalleled business intelligence.


Capstone Can Improve Your Manufacturing Process With Unrivaled Precision

Everything we do for manufacturing partners is boosted by data from internal sources as well as 600+ warehouse facilities where Capstone has a presence. The intake and analysis of billions of data points informs how we optimize your processes and produce measurable, concrete results. No 3PL uses data better to improve manufacturers’ processes and address pain points.

Capstone helps industrial and automotive partners around the nation. That’s because our partners see the expertise, versatility, and technology that we leverage to improve efficiency.

And because it’s bundled in a unique approach that keeps our partners in control, they trust us and stay with us – our average business relationship lasts 19 years.

Ready to Help

Capstone Warehousing and Manufacturing Support

A lot of processes go into supporting industrial and automotive manufacturing. Capstone makes sure those run at peak capacity at all times – while containing costs Continuously.

We understand how to streamline and assist in all types of manufacturing:

  • Vehicles (Automobiles, Planes, Trucks)
  • Industrial Machines (For Producing Other Goods)
  • Farming and Mining Machinery
  • Power Tools
  • Printing Machinery
  • Final Products
  • Parts (Engines, Belts, Glass, Metal Components, Wires, Tires, Cutting Tools)

The Capstone Difference

Industrial and automotive manufacturing requires so much more than what happens on the assembly line. That’s why Capstone is here. Our logistics management team comes to you and provides the expertise, technology, and personnel to keep your logistics and  support processes moving efficiently and dependably – freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.