Carrier Resources & Billing FAQ

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Billing FAQ

Payment Terms and Methods

Net 30 ACH or check depending on MCP sign up (no fee for ACH payment). Defaults to check if payment type is not selected.
Other methods – QuickPay and QuickPay+


Carrier must submit invoice with QUICK PAY and load number in the subject line. Carrier needs to do this on each load in which they wish to receive QuickPay.

Comcheck express codes are sent via a reply to the sender within 24 hours of submission with a 3% fee. If not received, please email payables with QUICK PAY STATUS request and load number in the subject line.


Carrier must apply online and qualify for next day ACH no fees. Carrier and carrier rep will be notified via email once carrier is approved and onboarded into the program. Applies only to loads picking up after program onboarding. Carrier should use standard submittal paperwork process. (See submission email below.) The system will identify the carrier as a QuickPay+ partner.

Requirements – Minimum of 7 loads hauled for Capstone over the past 30 days, and active visibility integration or an average of 90% compliance over the past 30 days. Compliance will be evaluated on the last business day of each month.

Required Paperwork for Billing

Invoice, bill of lading, proof of delivery, receipts (if applicable), rate confirmation reflecting approval toward invoice amount. Rates must be approved by sales representative prior to invoicing. Rate discrepancies will result in delay of payment.

Submission of Paperwork

Email (ONLY use this email for submitting paperwork. See Inquiries for needing a response from AP.)


Lumpers must be reported within 24 hours and an updated rate confirmation should be sent to carrier for invoicing. Detention and layovers must be approved and an updated rate confirmation should be sent to the carrier for invoicing.
All carriers are at risk of short pay if the rate confirmation does not reflect approval toward accessorial charges.


Phone: (877) 930-5623, select 5

Please provide the Capstone Logistics order number for inquiry into payment status.

For carriers to check their payment status on their own, they must access the self-service portal – Carrier simply needs to email requesting a login. Carrier must include their MC# or DOT# and they will receive and an email back with login info. Carrier will then be able to check online whether their payment is on the way or not. Carrier will log on, go to the “payments received” tab to view payments that have been processed, and the “payments due” tab to view payments that have not yet been processed.

Hubtran Issues

If an invoice has an exception upon submission, an email will release from
Subject will contain the load number and email will contain a short description of the issue preventing payment.
Please reply to this coded email address with resolution. The reply is directly coded to the invoice to log for processing. Ensure mimecast is permitting the Hubtran emails.

How to Check Payment Status in McLeod

Go to the history tab in the carrier’s profile, adjust days if necessary, click “Display Data.”
▪ Bill Received – The date we received the invoice and all required paperwork
▪ Bill Date – The date the invoice and paperwork was processed
▪ Payment Date – The date the payment has been processed
▪ Check # – If a payment has processed, the check # will be listed (10 days to receive by mail)

How to Check Payment Method in McLeod

To understand a carrier’s payment method, right click on the carrier code in a carrier’s profile in McLeod and select “settlement payee entry.”
▪ Carriers we pay via ACH will have “direct deposit” listed under payment method
▪ Carriers we pay via check will have “check” listed under payment method
▪ Carriers who use factoring companies will have the name of their factoring company listed under payment method
When payment has been processed, an email will be sent to this address that was provided from MCP.