Last Mile Technology

Get end-to-end control with our proprietary technology

Our proprietary logistics and driver view platform, MileZero automates any segment of your network – from pick up through delivery – providing total visibility and control every step of the way. Engineered by the data scientists behind Amazon's last mile technology systems to work as an app or via desktop, it supplies you with complete data-driven visibility. The result is improved control and workforce management.

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Removing Any Hint of Uncertainity

Is there anything as frustrating or humbling as not being able to tell a customer when they will receive a package – or knowing if they received it?

Thanks to Capstone’s MileZero platform – which integrates perfectly with iOS, Android, and desktops – you can erase any hint of ambiguity from your chain of custody or proof of delivery.

MileZero Provides You With:

  • A Customizable Dashboard

Get a comprehensive summary of shipment details, as well as current and future routes.

  • Enhanced GPS Tracking

Track and trace the exact location of each shipment with real-time, geolocation maps.

  • Push Notifications

Tailored to your needs, receive live alerts with adjusted ETAs if a driver is delayed due to traffic or previous end-point deliveries.

  • Share Your End Delivery Points

Make customers aware and provide notifications prior to a driver’s arrival.

  • Assured Delivery

By time-stamping every barcode scan, photograph, customer signature, and ID verification, you will know when each parcel was received. MileZero makes even unmanned delivery worry-free.

Flexible & Capable

MileZero is constantly supplying and analyzing data points to help you streamline and boost efficiency. It also helps with:

  • Continuous route planning ​
  • Workforce, fleet, and capacity management ​
  • Cross dock technology ​
  • Machine learning for constant accuracy improvements

Fully Integrates with Other Platforms

Using X Stream, our flexible courier EDI solution, you can inject orders from your shipping partners electronically via Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), AS2, as well as proprietary B2B data interchange methods. X Stream also provides automated outbound stop or parcel-level status updates and/or proof of delivery notifications for shippers requiring electronic feedback. From complex two-way EDI and XML document interchange to basic comma-separated value (CSV) imports to AS2-secured feeds, X Stream handles them all.

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