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Outbound Solutions

Outbound logistics is one of the most misunderstood supply chain elements. Streamlining shipment practices can yield productivity gains and reduce costs.

Outbound Warehousing Services

Take your warehouse’s shipping processes to new performance levels with outbound services from Capstone Logistics. We’re a supply chain solutions provider that enhances the output of distribution centers and their existing systems using professional teams comprised of talented managers and performance-driven associates. Our area of expertise is the improvement of activities encompassing the preparation and shipment of items to downstream destinations. Capstone has a full suite of tailor-made services that can improve any organization’s outbound shipping flow.



We offer selecting services to ease the handling of goods, merchandise, or equipment stored at the warehouse. Most selected items need transfer or shipment to other destinations. 


Labels can include data to enhance efficiencies, such as tracking information, product expiration dates, and security or caution notes. Capstone's labeling expertise helps eliminate mistakes, such as shipping incorrect items or mishandling objects that should be treated with care. 


The outbound loading process involves the placement of boxed, containerized, or palletized cargo onto a truck at the dock. Quality loading results in the safe shipment of products in the most efficient time possible. 


Outbound warehouse auditing is the survey, review, and analysis of outbound order pallets, boxes, or containers for accuracy. This eliminates miss picks or errors and ensures shipments include the correct quantities of the right products.


The assembly process involves the collecting of two or more separate components for shipment as one end item.

Warehouse Kitting Services

Kitting involves bundling two or more similar items together to create one ready-to-ship kit. Unlike pre-assembled products, the items in kits are often assembled by the recipient. 

Warehouse Pallet Building

Successful warehouse pallet building involves combining multiple separate items onto an individual pallet instead of picking and packing those items as different orders. This method can significantly reduce fulfillment costs.


Collecting is the retrieval of items for outbound shipment. Collecting items in one location improves quality, efficiency, and turnaround time. 

Repackaging Services

At Capstone, we offer repackaging services whenever a product change or reconfiguration is necessary. A common reason for repackaging is moving items from wholesaler packaging to a retailer or branded packaging. Another purpose is to change or modify pre-assembled kits.


Getting Goods Out the Door

A supply chain collapses when a warehouse’s outbound services under-perform. Well-functioning shipping departments reduce downtime, cut expenses, avoid miss picks, and support the overall supply chain.

Capstone can help you optimize your warehouse’s outward goods capabilities. We place results-oriented people trained in best warehousing practices and safety-first ideas in facilities while you retain final control and oversight. An inventive pay-for-productivity platform incentivizes personnel to maintain productivity, which helps reduce or outright eliminate on-the-clock waste and overtime. 

When partnering with Capstone Logistics, our team enhances your processes within the framework you set using your equipment. In return, you reap the benefits of a motivated workforce with zero exposure to labor issues and human services obligations. 

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