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Inbound Solutions

Large quantities of goods arrive at warehouses and distribution centers every day. Improving inbound receiving practices can yield incredible productivity gains that curb expenses and boost customer satisfaction.

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Inbound Warehousing Services

Strengthen your warehouse’s receiving procedure with inbound services from Capstone Logistics. We’re a supply chain solutions provider that boosts the throughput of distribution centers and their existing systems using expert teams comprised of capable managers and performance-driven associates. We offer a range of inbound services that can be tailored to meet your requirements. 


Inbound Scheduling

Inbound scheduling is the management of inbound transportation traffic at your warehouse or facility. Capstone can efficiently facilitate your inbound scheduling process by leveraging a robust platform for scheduling and door assignment.


Capstone offers warehouse unloading service for the removal of boxed, containerized, or palletized cargo from the truck that has arrived at the dock. Quality unloading results in safe and efficient removal of products. 

Freight Hauling

Capstone offers freight hauling for the placement of pallets, containers, or boxes in an appropriate staging area. The staging area is used to receive, scan, inspect, and perform other required activities to receive shipments. 


Put-away is the process of moving material from the dock and transporting it to warehouse storage, replenishment, or pick areas. Capstone follows put-away best practices, calculating resource and space requirements based on expected receipts and current backlogs.


Replenishment is the movement of inventory from reserve storage locations to primary storage, picking, and shipment locations. This process keeps inventory flowing through the supply chain by maintaining efficient order and line item fill rates. It also prevents costly inventory overstocking.

Load Temperature Recording

Load temperature recording is the inspection of temperature-controlled goods for compliance with contractual requirements or industry standards. This check identifies non-conforming product at the dock and is performed by recording temperatures in different areas. 

Handling Your Received Goods

When warehouses perform inbound services well, it reverberates throughout the supply chain. These inbound activities ensure adequate preservation of products between the original destination and warehouse. They also eliminate downtime, reduce expenses, avoid unnecessary material waste, and, ultimately, play a vital role in delivering quality goods to the market.

Take your warehouse’s inbound service capabilities to new levels of productivity with Capstone Logistics. We place results-oriented people who are trained in best warehousing practices and safety-first concepts into facilities where you retain ultimate control and oversight.

A pioneering pay-for-productivity platform encourages our personnel to achieve the most efficiency from every on-the-job moment. Our crews streamline your processes using your equipment, systems, and protocols. You get a high-performance workforce with no exposure to labor issues and human services obligations. 

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