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Let Capstone Manage Your Warehouse Workforce

A typical warehouse’s most substantial operating cost is labor. Managing workforce-related expenses while maintaining customer service, improving efficiency, and increasing productivity is a balance that many companies struggle to maintain. As a market-leading supply chain solutions provider, Capstone Logistics optimizes the productivity of your company’s warehouse and its existing systems with highly skilled teams comprised of resourceful managers and performance-driven associates. 

Full-Service Warehouse Management

Warehousing allows for the timely delivery and optimized distribution of products, leading to increased customer satisfaction. You need a partner that can help reduce errors and damage in the order fulfillment process. At Capstone, we bring experienced crews into your facility and optimize productivity using your equipment and systems. You get a high-performance workforce at the lowest possible cost while maintaining a high degree of control and oversight. Our teams can take on all warehouse-related tasks.



The Capstone Edge

Our warehouse teams are comprised of competent, motivated people trained in best warehousing practices and safety-first concepts. Although they work for us, they come into your facility as seamless extensions of your operation, sweating the details and doing what it takes to get the job done right.


Pay for Performance

Whether driving a forklift or unloading items from pallets, our warehouse personnel strive to squeeze the most productivity out of every on-the-job moment due to our innovative pay-for-productivity platform. Performance-based pay is a model where associates are compensated for output as opposed to a set salary or wages paid based on hours worked. This offers a range of benefits, including: 

  • Increased output
  • Improved motivation 
  • Greater flexibility 
  • Heightened retention


Increase Flexibility & Scalability

Fluctuations in demand pose serious challenges for warehouse managers. Seasonality, changes in the economy, weather, and many other factors impact throughput, which can leave warehouses overstaffed or undermanned at the worst possible time. Capstone tailors warehouse staffing levels to suit demand, keeping productivity high while reducing expenses to the lowest possible level. By mobilizing associates and making smart use of our nationwide labor network, we effectively but economically manage your peak periods. 


Reduce Human Resources Obligations

When partnering with Capstone, you do not have to worry about warehouse employment resources. We take care of the payroll, benefits, and training of our teams. This frees you to focus on what you do best. 

Your Full-Service Warehouse Management Partner

High warehouse labor costs and management challenges are not expected to wane anytime soon. Businesses that turn to Capstone for full-service warehouse management have a competitive edge.

By partnering with us, your company realizes direct and indirect benefits that range from increased productivity at reduced costs to improved customer satisfaction and more streamlined supply chain operations. 

Ready to Take Your Operations to the Next Level?