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Peak performance
powered by technology

Our Promise

  • Optimized load and pallet flow
  • Actionable insights to drive cost savings
  • Greater end-to-end visibility
  • Opportunities to reduce empty miles

Freight Visibility Solutions

Our proprietary, dynamic operating and reporting system with handheld technology enables us to accurately capture multiple data points for each activity. This provides our partners with enhanced data analysis and information for any period of time (day, week, month, quarter, year) and at any level of the operational hierarchy (site, region, corporate). We benchmark specific trends against industry segments and comparable operations and can drill down to pinpoint specific opportunities.

Cost Transparency

Detailed productivity reports alongside industry benchmarks ensure you know exactly what you're paying for.

Capstone Live! Dashboard

Our partner-facing platform provides real-time visibility into load and dock status via on-site tablets.

Vendor & Carrier Compliance

We score vendors and carriers to help you minimize receiving violations and maximize on-time transportation performance.

Proven ROI

Achieve tangible cost savings through constant performance monitoring and strategic operational improvements.

Tap Into Key Insights for Data-Driven Decision Making

A sampling of data points we collect to tell a comprehensive story of how your supply chain is performing.

Pallets Per Hour
Cases Per Hour
Roll-Off Percentage
OSHA Incident Rate
Staff Retention
Shift Productivity

Price Per Load
Price Per Pallet
Price Per Case
Receiving Violations
Cargo Loss Percentage
Worst Offender Vendor

On-Time Deliveries
Average Lead Time
Average Length of Haul
Average Transit Time
Average Miles Per Day
OS&D Percentage 

Driver Gate In & Out Times
Load and Unload Times
Driver Experience Feedback
Detention Tracking
Temperature Recording
On-Time Pickups

Digital Freight Matching

Our proprietary technology automatically matches carriers based on preferred lanes, extensive profile information, and key service metrics. Price benchmarking and route building capabilities offer further optimization to ensure your freight is always being moved by the right carrier, via the right mode, at a fair price.

digital freight matching software visual
freight shipping map

Beyond Track and Trace

Get the visibility you need without picking up the phone. We aim to solve problems before they start by deploying the latest visibility tools and best practices. Automated, real-time GPS tracking and shipment status updates are pushed to your system via EDI, API or any other integration method you prefer.

2 days to integrate
No additional cost
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Building a Leaner, Greener Supply Chain Together

Sustainability is a shared goal among all stakeholders in the supply chain. To do our part, Capstone works to match consistent backhaul capacity with repetitive, high-volume freight. Through extensive profiling and lane analyses, we identify loads that are ready for pick-up in the right locations, at the right times. This precise alignment of needs allows carriers to effectively reposition their fleets for reload opportunities. It’s our goal to help eliminate empty miles, reduce carbon emissions, and provide cost savings for both shippers and carriers.

Ready to Take Your Operations to the Next Level?