When consumers shop, they expect the products they want to be in stock. If retailers can’t meet demand, they risk not only lost sales but disappointed customers that may choose to shop elsewhere in the future.

Retailers, distributors, and manufacturers alike are increasingly under pressure to reduce costs and increase speed to market. Seasonal promotions and unexpected surges can add another layer of complexity, and not having a good supply chain contingency plan in place can be costly. One proven model for meeting demand quickly is Direct Store Delivery (DSD).

What is DSD?

DSD describes the method for delivering products from a supplier or distributor directly to a store. It is commonly used for very fast-moving grocery or convenience store items like food, beverages, flowers, toiletries, cleaning products, and other household staples. DSD has also been an effective way to move products quickly during unexpected surges in demand—like in the case of natural disasters, labor strikes, or the recent pandemic.

Key benefits of DSD include:

  • Quick speed to market, as products don’t have to stop at an intermediate location
  • Less risk due to fewer touches and having more control over handling
  • Reduced labor and storage costs

The Right Transportation Partner Can Provide Flexible Contingency Support

Capstone is committed to eliminating potential disruptions to your supply chain. Whether you need help meeting an unexpected surge in demand, emergency relief, or support for seasonal promotions, we offer flexible DSD solutions to ensure products get to customers when they need them.

  • Large Network of Equipment and Drivers (Class A & C Licenses): Micro-regional carriers positioned within a 50-mile radius of end customers and access to virtually any type of equipment you need. We can source drivers for your own trucks (Driver Only) or deploy power units for your own pre-loaded trailers (Power Only). Most drivers in our network have experience and are capable of driver assist or unloading in stores.
  • Same-Day and Project Capacity: We can ebb and flow with your demand and procure drivers and equipment with very little lead time.
  • Customized Approach: We conduct a deep-dive analysis to fully understand operational needs (receiving hours, length of run, driver requirements, special equipment, offload time, and much more)
  • Outbound Logistics Expertise: We ship high volumes into grocers and retailers and have strong familiarity with their stores and dock operations.
  • Not Just Store Delivery: We also have experience delivering directly into restaurants, schools, delis, sporting venues, and hospitals.

From sending drivers to handle daily routes during a worker strike to deploying equipment for store deliveries during the recent pandemic surge, our DSD experts have experience providing support to some of the largest grocers, retailers, and distributors in North America.