With almost 2 billion people in the United States celebrating this year, logistics is playing an extremely large role in warming the hearts of many during Valentine’s Day. Between fancy dinners, exotic flowers, candy, and gifts, Americans demand and rely on the successful supply chain of global manufacturers. Through a worldwide network of 3PLs, asset-based providers, and robust technologies, everyone works together to bring people what they are looking for on this special day: a way to show their love.

Though unseen and oftentimes forgotten, here are some interesting facts related to the supply chain that you probably don’t think about when it comes to Valentine’s Day:

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At Capstone, we are working through the February rush alongside our floral, confectionary and packaging customers, and helping ensure the shelves are stocked in time for the 14th. Have you experienced any fluctuation in your business due to Valentine’s Day? Tell us about it in the comments.