Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to the expression of love. This year, over 2 billion Americans will be celebrating by purchasing flowers, cards, candy and other gifts.  Though they may have agonized over the perfect way to express their feelings, many have not considered the essential role the transportation industry plays in the execution of their special day. Thanks to the dedication and collaboration of a global network of supply chain professionals, Valentine’s Day gifts will arrive on time and those 2 billion Americans will be able to show their love to those who matter most.

Though many do not consider supply chain to be an important element of Valentine’s Day, after looking at the facts below, it’s easy to see how important shipping is to a successful holiday:



With millions of perishables – like flowers and chocolates – being shipped in the coming weeks for Valentine’s Day, shippers must understand the importance of temperature-controlled transportation. Whether they choose over-the-road or intermodal services, transporting their goods in the correct temperature ensures that Valentine’s Day gifts arrive in the best condition possible.