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Finding good help in the grocery industry has never been easy. But since the pandemic hit, a shortage of qualified employees has challenged grocers to keep their shelves stocked, customers satisfied, and costs down.

Many grocers operate their own Micro Fulfillment Centers, yet they struggle to get the stock to the individual stores accurately and on time. And then, once the inventory is replenished, grocers struggle again to provide the home-delivery and curbside-pickup options customers want.

In both situations, the challenge is keeping trained, professional drivers ready to deliver. And without a seamless flow between their MFC, the local stores, and the customers, grocers face frustrated shoppers—the lifeblood of their business. They need to manage two fleets: one from MFC to store and another from store to customer.

With the many concerns grocers face– focusing on sales, distribution, supply chain issues, and keeping labor costs down—they need a logistics partner to ease the burden.

Let Capstone Logistics provide the drivers that keep products moving and customers smiling with two types of driver services: service from the MFC to the stores and service from store to individual homes. We’ve helped some of the nation’s largest grocery chains, operating hundreds of stores across the United States.

Bringing MFC stock to the stores:

  • Drivers are screened in person, vetted, and trained to handle all situations.
  • Drivers shrink wrap pallets, load and unload trucks, and return empty totes, reducing weekly labor costs to the MFC by up to 25 hours per driver.
  • Mailers, inter-office mail, and bulk orders can be added to the delivery.
  • Cutting-edge proprietary technology provides text alerts on driver ETA to stores and MFC prior to arrival.
  • Retaining customer data allow you to stay in touch with your shoppers.
  • Real-time metrics and dashboards bring transparency.
  • Dedicated leadership oversees and ensures success.


Providing a home delivery crew:

  • Professional drivers instill confidence.
  • Driver uniforms branded or co-branded with the retailer’s logo add credibility and security.
  • Classroom-trained drivers are a grocer’s customer service and goodwill ambassadors.
  • Consistent drivers delivering to the same customers bring trust and familiarity.
  • Avoiding crowd-sourced apps provides convenience to the consumer and gives retailers control of their customer data to be used for loyalty programs
  • Reliable delivery increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Capstone Last Mile Fulfillment focuses on solving transportation issues. Our innovative solutions help the grocers manage the tremendous challenges of keeping capable drivers delivering products to both local stores and shoppers. That leaves grocers free to do what grocers do: sell groceries.


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