This year, Capstone attended two great industry events to learn about supply chain products/services and spread the word about Capstone Logistics and what we can do. Both RILA LINK 2024 and MODEX 2024 presented the opportunity for Capstone to meet new and existing customers to present our unique offering. After taking time to digest our trip, we have come up with a handful of takeaways to help potential attendees who may be on the line on whether to attend next year or not. Browse our key insights below and feel free to use the form below to reach out with questions…

RILA LINK 2024: Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) hosts an event every year, named LINK: The Retail Supply Chain Conference, where supply chain leaders of retailers big and small come together to learn and explore new products, services, and shifts in customers demand and how to address them.

  • Labor shortages are a growing problem, and new strategies are necessary to attract reliable labor and improve employee retention. Whether a company uses third-party partners or in-house methods, labor presents challenges that require attention and a constant evolution of best practices. Pair labor challenges with the ongoing industry ebbs and flows and daily challenges start to compound and cause more problems.
  • On-demand workforces are becoming the future for companies that need vetted workers for time-sensitive situations. When peak seasons hit, strikes arise, or a worker calls out, companies need a quick fix to ensure operations remain steady and productive. Recruiting and hiring takes time, not to mention its expensive, so having partners to fill that can fill gaps for short-term and long-term situations is key.
  • End-to-end supply chain solutions are becoming the new norm for enabling retailers to be responsive to customer demands. Strategic partnerships have been around since the beginning of time to fill necessary gaps for businesses. In today’s age, partners can provide solutions from the beginning of your supply chain all the way up to delivery, taking away the stress of providing a service you are not an expert at.

MODEX 2024: MODEX is an event hosted by MHI (Material Handling Industry) that brings together the worlds of manufacturing and supply chain with a focus on automation. This large event gives supply chain leaders the opportunity to present their products/services and learn more about what the industry around them is using and coming up with.

  • The future is built for automation and AI but the need for a human workforce remains strong. Everyone is embracing the inevitable shift to a more autonomous supply chain and manufacturing industry. The catch is that we are not there yet and regardless there has to be a human touch to ensure processes are done correctly.
  • The need for supply chain solutions is turning global for most, if not all, companies. The global footprint is easier for companies now more than ever. For companies to maximize success, it makes sense to expand their outlook overseas and expand their abilities.
  • Companies who normally don’t get involved with supply chain solutions are starting to invest. In the past, companies have relied on companies who specialize in supply chain services to help fill their needs. Nowadays with the resources and knowledge available, some companies are shifting to manage certain processes on their own and even expand to help other companies as well.

Optimizing Warehouse Operations For Success With Capstone
Wrapping up, the lessons learned emphasize the evolving landscape of retail, manufacturing, and warehouse operations. Facing challenges like labor shortages and technological shifts, it’s vital to seek guidance from logistics experts. Connect with a Capstone logistics expert today to navigate these changes and optimize your operations for success.