You work hard to delight your customers and grow demand for your products. But when it comes to your warehouse, balancing seasonal fluctuations, labor shortages and quality issues, supply chain disturbances, and technology glitches may be stressing your operations.

It can be easy to lose yourself in the stress of warehouse management, seeking out third-party logistics (3PL) providers, turning out your pockets to purchase new technology, or bringing in a new and inexperienced temporary workforce to ease the pressure.  But you shouldn’t trust your most essential operations to just anyone.

Fortunately, there’s another solution to the warehouse labor dilemma.  Hybrid warehouse management combines all of the best qualities of traditional staffing methods with the safety and security of your own leadership, providing fast relief for supply chain disruption without upending your existing operations.

Read on to learn how a hybrid warehouse solution can help you maximize performance, enhance quality, reduce costs, and deliver optimal results for your business.

Struggling For Success And Control

Warehouse managers have several options available to help relieve supply chain management strain, but most options don’t meet the productivity or financial needs of modern warehousing or manufacturing operations.

Many vendors choose to hire a third-party logistics company that can manage operations for them, but the initial cost, time, and resources required to transition to a new provider, as well as the resulting loss of control over your inventory, open up new pressure points.

A second option is hiring additional labor or investing in technology and automation to boost your in-house operations. But those changes are costly and difficult to make while maintaining the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

As a last resort, you could turn to temp agencies, who can provide an immediate contingent labor pool.  But the risks may outweigh the reward. These new and, at times, inexperienced workers don’t know your business, and having them around may leave you exposed to risk and future headaches.

The Solution: A Modern Hybrid Warehouse

What if you could find a logistics company that quickly delivers skilled labor and sophisticated technology directly to your warehouse without breaking the bank?

Capstone Logistics recognizes the need for innovative solutions that maximize efficiency while maintaining flexibility and transparency.

Our hybrid management solution combines the best elements of traditional 3PLs, staffing companies, and in-house operations to deliver a warehouse management solution that offers peace of mind while keeping you in the driver’s seat.

Our “guest in your house” model brings our expertise to your warehouse, keeping you as an active participant in the success of your operations.That said, we can handle everything from your entire warehouse to any single function within it, depending on your needs.​ ​

How It Works

To get your new hybrid management solution up and running, Capstone sends our trained workforce, who are ready to share expertise and insights gained from operating over 600 warehousing sites, to get started helping you grow your business from day one.

Outside of Logistics Distributions Warehouse: Inventory Manager Using Tablet Computer, talking to Worker with Cardboard Box Walking out of Warehouse. Online Orders, E-Commerce.

Our teams seamlessly integrate with your business, where they can execute selected warehousing tasks or oversee your entire warehouse – it’s totally up to you!

And even though we’re helping to staff your warehouse, you retain complete control over your warehouse management system (WMS), real estate, equipment, and processes,
as well as your inventory.  Think of it as your house, your rules.

And that’s it – your business can immediately begin reaping the benefits, including rapid implementation, reduced risk, minimal investment, improved productivity, and
significant cost savings.

Benefits Of Hybrid Warehouse Management

A hybrid warehouse solution offers a host of benefits for businesses, including maximized performance, optimized results, better service quality, and reduced costs.


Capstone’s hybrid management solution is meticulously designed to optimize operational performance. By leveraging the expertise and scale of traditional 3PLs, the flexibility of staffing companies, and the culture, transparency, and consistency of an in-house operation, Capstone offers a unique hybrid workforce solution model that allows businesses to tap into the collective capabilities and resources of both parties.

Our skilled workforce has been trained on nearly every WMS you can think of, so you don’t have to worry about the learning curve that often comes with contingent labor, and your business can start improving operations instantly.


Capstone’s partnership model is built on collaboration. Together with you, we align our goals, share insights, and foster a culture of open communication to unlock the full potential of operational performance in your space.

Capstone works closely with our partners to leverage our expertise and industry knowledge while incorporating your unique requirements and objectives. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we customize our method to yield optimal results for your business while driving continuous improvement and growth.


Hybrid warehouse management combines the positive aspects of other management systems. Traditional 3PLs bring industry expertise, supply chain management specialized knowledge, and proven processes to the table. Staffing companies offer the agility and flexibility to quickly adjust labor resources based on demand fluctuations. And importantly, in-house operations foster a culture of ownership, transparency, and consistency. By integrating these elements, Capstone provides exceptional service quality that meets and exceeds customer expectations.


By pooling resources and expertise, both parties can achieve economies of scale and streamline operations. Our flexible partnership model allows for optimal resource allocation, ensures that labor resources are aligned with demand, eliminates unnecessary overhead costs, and maximizes cost efficiency.

Unlock Your Full Warehouse Potential With Capstone

Though there are various options available to help you get your warehouse operations squared away, the traditional tactics – 3PLs, insourcing, and temporary labor – may cost your business time, money, and control you can’t afford.

A hybrid warehouse management solution offers all of the benefits of those approaches, while still leveraging your greatest asset – your existing workforce and expertise. (Check out our side-by-side comparison of workforce solution models here.)

Embracing Capstone’s hybrid management solution opens doors to new opportunities and empowers our partners to thrive in today’s complex and constantly evolving business landscape.

Make the move now to drive superior results and gain a competitive edge. To learn more about how Capstone’s hybrid warehouse management approach can unlock the full potential of your operations, contact us below to learn more about our unique solution.