This Halloween, we know it will be tempting to dress as a super hero or a politician, but we think you can do much better than that.

If you’re trying to come up with a last-minute costume that will wow your supply chain co-workers, look no further. Here are 5 costumes sure to surprise and delight your entire team.

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1. Just-in-Time

If Justin Bieber and Flavor Flav had a baby, it would surely be an expert in inventory control, forecasting, and on-time performance.

2. Electronic Logging Device

It’s the hottest topic in trucking, so why not turn it into a Halloween costume? Points for being both creative and controversial.

3. Cold Chain

Is it cold in here, or is it just your freight?  As experts in moving cold-chain commodities, this may be one of our favorite costumes on the list.

4. Cargo Thief

This spooky menace is coming for your shipment. Lock your trailers and hide your candy!

5. Team Drivers

Just like the players on your favorite sports team, working with a partner on the road requires trust, well-defined roles, and communication. Go Cubs!