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Ancillary Solutions

Warehouses play a pivotal role in the global supply chain, easing product demand fluctuations by ensuring a regular supply. While some companies simply view warehouses as hubs to collect and move goods, Capstone recognizes multiple interrelated processes that, when improved upon, can elevate an entire logistics network. 

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Value-Added Services

Obtain value from all facets of your warehouse with ancillary services from Capstone Logistics. We’re a supply chain innovator that enhances the productivity of distribution centers and their existing systems using professional teams comprised of talented managers and performance-driven associates.

The main functions of a warehouse are the receipt, storage, and distribution of products. Our value-added services focus on the activities that support those core practices, from yard management to retrieval of hardware or equipment from the end destination.


Yard Management

The yard serves as temporary outdoor storage for incoming inventory and the final step in outbound shipment order processing. Yard management covers the monitoring and coordination of yard productivity, visibility and tracking of yard inventories, elimination of entrance bottlenecks, and sortation of paperwork.

Pallet Management

Pallet management is the careful control of pallet inventories to avoid unnecessary supply chain waste. This includes the oversight of pallet acquisition, sorting, use, repair, and reuse.

Tote Management

Tote management is the regulation of tote inventories to reduce unwanted supply chain waste. This involves the management of tote acquisition, sortation, use, repair, and reuse.

Reverse Logistics

Capstone is proud to offer reverse logistics services. We can help facilitate your process for returned goods and help you manage surplus.

Trailer Washing & Stripping

We work toward the removal of goods from a trailer, including pallets, wood, straps and other materials for our clients. The trailer bed is sprayed with liquid cleaner when applicable. 


Our high-value security services deter theft or vandalism and protect onsite workers, boosting morale. We also record and monitor onsite visitors.


Capstone's sanitation services involve a complete industrial cleaning of the warehouse and surrounding property. This includes daily cleanings to ensure the facilities meet applicable industry and government sanitation standards.

Driver Assist

Trained personnel join the driver on a route, supporting the loading or unloading process. This service improves both efficiency and quality control. It ensures all stops are made and confirms the correct shipments are delivered or picked up. 

No Warehousing Process is Overlooked


We place results-oriented people trained in best warehousing practices and safety-first ideas in facilities while you retain ultimate control and oversight. A pay-for-productivity platform incentivizes our team to maintain efficiency, which helps to reduce or eliminate on-the-clock waste and overtime. 

Our crews streamline your processes within the framework and scale you set using your equipment. In return, you reap the benefits of an affordable, motivated workforce with zero exposure to labor issues and human services obligations. 

A warehouse cannot reach its utmost potential without pallets, containers, or totes, or when a yard bottleneck keeps trucks from entering the docks. High-functioning facilities pinpoint and resolve these concerns before they become problems. Capstone can help boost overall warehouse performance by taking care of ancillary activities, freeing you to focus on what you do best. 

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