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Capstone Transforms Warehouses for Peak Productivity We manage 600+ warehousing sites, more than any 3PL in the US. Let us help you achieve operational excellence in 2024.

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Capstone Logistics offers an alternative to traditional methods like relocating to a 3PL facility, hiring more people, or relying on temp labor. Our “Guest in Your House” solutions require minimal time and effort on your part and deliver results immediately.

  • A global automaker increased throughput per shift by 48% when they partnered with Capstone.

  • Working with Capstone translated into $10 million in savings for a leading US beverage brand compared to working with a traditional 3PL.

  • Capstone solutions combine the expertise and scale of a 3PL, the flexibility of a staffing company, and the consistency of in-house operations.

Capstone Delivers:

  • A skilled workforce and on-site management, pre-trained in all warehousing functions, various equipment and WMS types
  • Handling all of the hiring, training, management, and HR tasks
  • Full alignment with your operations, goals, and KPIs
  • Proprietary technology, continuous improvement and access to billions of data points from 600+ sites
  • Access to our best-in-class travel teams, deployable in 72 hours, to address any urgent needs
  • 40 years of experience working with renowned brands in diverse industries.

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Here's what you get:

Automotive Case Study

Automotive Case Study

After implementing Capstone’s warehousing solution, our partner saw significant improvement in their labor issues, including a 55% year-over-year reduction in workforce turnover.

CPG Distribution Case Study

CPG Distribution Case Study

After integrating with Capstone Performance Solutions, our partner witnessed a shift in their labor management, resulting in $10 million annualized savings compared to the traditional 3PL model.

Capstone Service Matrix

Capstone Service Matrix

Explore Capstone's unique solutions, combining 3PL expertise, staffing flexibility, and in-house consistency. Download our guide for an in-depth understanding of why we stand out as leaders in the 3PL space.